Query Letter Critique from Agent Jill Corcoran, Herman Agency

Books lift up the mind, and the soul. Every child deserves free access to a variety of books, to a world beyond their own.

The Prize: One critique of a query letter your your fiction middle grade or young adult novel.

Jill Corcoran

Jill Corcoran

The Darer: Jill Corcoran is an Associate Agent at Herman Agency representing Chapter Book, Middle Grade and Young Adult authors. Jill is a huge fan of humor. If you can make her laugh or crack a smile, you are her kind of writer. Even in a serious literary book, there is room for humor. Jill prefers realistic and paranormal to high fantasy. A commercial hook with a literary bent. Some of her favorite books are Frindle, Stargirl, Speak, Stuck in Neutral, How I Live Now, Millicent Min, Good Enough, Seeing Emily, Things Left Unsaid, Flipped and Because of Winn Dixie.

For more about Jill Corcoran please see the Herman Agency website and Jill’s blog.

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