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Many people know Cynthea or find her through her comprehensive website Writing for Children and Teens, where she freely talks about her perspective on how to get your children’s or teen book published. Cynthea loves to give back to writers and support them in their endeavors. She is extremely passionate about all matters related to writing for children and teens, and a big part of what she does is helping others write and publish their books.

Here is just a sample of the things Cynthea does, besides writing her own books:

1) Consult on matters related to children and teen publishing and media for private clients.

2) Ghostwrite for major publishers like Random House, Disney Press, and others, as well as private clients. (You may have already read something she’s written and not even know it!)

3) Edit manuscripts for private clients.

If you’re interested in any of the above, please contact Cynthea via Writing for Children and Teens. 

If you’re interested in having Cynthea speak as an author for a school visit, please visit the School Visits page.

Reviews for Writing for Children and Teens

“I love this book! As a children’s book author myself, I recommend it all the time to aspiring authors. It covers everything a writer needs to know about getting a children’s book published—I only wish I had it when I was starting out! Cynthea’s fresh, conversational style makes her book not only jam-packed with great information but a joy to read. Plus, I think her tips on revision are spot on. And getting an inside peek at real rejection and editorial letters? Priceless. This book is a must-have for every children’s book writer.” —Tammi Sauer, picture book author

“Reading this book is like having a knowledgeable older sister sitting beside you explaining exactly how to put your idea on the page and then get it printed. Liu really wants people to write good stories and have them published. The mystique of the publishing house is dispelled as she explains, step by step, exactly how a manuscript should look. For anyone even thinking of writing a book, this is the first one you should read. However, the best part is that the book is actually funny. How refreshing to be given great advice in such a humourous and engaging fashion.” —Orla Collins, Amazon reviewer