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RESULTS FROM VOLUME I of the Anthology:

I am so pleased to announce the winners of the 2010 Take the Dare: Dare to be You Essay Contest.

Each of these entries met or exceeded quality standards for publication in the anthology in any/all of the following categories:

  • Engaging voice and writing style
  • Originality of content
  • Clear purpose
  • Appropriate tone and natural word choice
  • Organization and logic
  • Writing mechanics and spelling

In some cases, placement of 2nd or 3rd could not be made due to a lack of qualifying entries which met or exceeded the above guidelines.

I do want to add that all entrants (whether they placed, final-ed, or not) should be very proud of of their accomplishments in completing the essay and taking the challenge to be a better version of themselves. Determining finalists and placements was very difficult. The judgment of writing can be very subjective. What might have worked for me might not have worked for someone else, and vice versa, so please keep that in mind.

I also want to thank the entrants for giving me the opportunity to peek into their lives–their thoughts, worries, passions, and motivations.

I hope all of them will continue to write and explore this art form as a wonderful way to express themselves and show others who they truly are!

Without further ado, here are the winners!

Alex Li      Grand Prize

Brady Brazda    3rd Grade    1st
Shirowid Sharma    3rd Grade    2nd

Abigail Lindner    4th Grade    1st

Grace Patton    5th Grade   1st

Charlotte Boin    6th Grade    1st
Dami Lee    6th Grade   2nd
Kalen Gillingham    6th Grade    3rd

Mara Cobb    7th Grade   1st
Alexandre McCarthy    7th Grade    2nd
Gabrielle Tsilfidis    7th Grade   3rd

Anthony Hope     Finalist
Benjamin Pinhorn    Finalist
Ryan Vienneau      Finalist
Jackson Smylie      Finalist
Ainsley Doell     Finalist
Isabella Cho       Finalist
Emily Cho      Finalist


Grand: $200
1st: $50
2nd: $20
3rd: $10

All winners/finalists will receive a Certificate of Achievement.


  1. Your parent/guardian (and teacher if you entered through your school) will be notified by email of your achievement. *This email is very important.* It will ask for the final information and electronic file of your essay so that we may publish it in the anthology.  If your parent/guardian and/or teacher does not receive an email from me by May 14, 2010, please contact me directly. Check your SPAM to make sure my communications to you have not been automatically sent there.
  2. Your certificate will be mailed to the mailing address provided on your entry form. If you won a cash prize, a check will also be included with your certificate.  You should receive this package in the mail by June 30th, 2010. If you do not receive this package by that time, please contact me directly.
  3. In the meanwhile, please locate the electronic file which contains your essay. DO NOT make any changes to your essay. You will be given an opportunity to make minor editorial corrections once all of the files have been received and prepared for publication.

Thanks again and


Cynthea Liu