The “Take the Dare: Show You Care” Auction

ALL AUCTION ITEMS LISTED BELOW ARE CLOSED. But you can still win some free stuff until July 31, 2009.

What your money can do:

Every $3.25 you contribute is one book box for a kid at Tulakes. No more tattered cardboard boxes for these children to store their prized books. Let’s give them something that will last.

Better yet, every $70 gets Tulakes 10% closer to supplying a classroom set of leveled readers for their 2nd-graders!

How this Works:

  1. Click on auction listings below.
  2. Leave a comment on any post with your bid.
  3. Get outbid? Leave another comment and raise your price–bid in $5 increments (minimum).
  4. BID CAREFULLY: Out of fairness to other bidders and the children at Tulakes, you may not withdraw your bid unless it is done immediately after placement due to an error.  NO withdrawals will be allowed the final day of auction.  Please. Bid. Carefully.
  5. When the auction closes on July 8th, 11:59PM EST, winners may pay by Paypal, major credit card, or money order/cashier’s check.

GOING, GOING, GONE! *Fabulous deals you can’t miss! All for under $50. (as of 7/8/09 AM)*

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STEAL ALERT! *Items below are currently above $50 but are offered at far less than market value. You’ll wonder if you should be jailed for bidding. STEAL IT. NOW. (as of 7/8/09 AM)*

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SNEAK ATTACK! *Do you love taking candy from a baby? Or maybe you’re afraid of too much competition? Here are items with 2 or fewer bidders. Sneak up on them at the last minute and ATTACK! Now is not a time to be nice. You’re doing it for the kids.  (as of 7/8/09 AM)*

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For Children’s and Teen Book-Loving Fans

Autographed Prize Packs and Audiobooks

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Don’t forget to claim your free prizes for attending the party and taking this dare.

Especially for Writers

(Please Note: The same items may appear more than once if the prize can be applied to more than one genre.)

Nonfiction Children’s Book Category

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Picture Book Category (Prizes related to Lower Elementary School Reading Levels)

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Middle Grade Category, includes Chapter Book (Prizes related to Upper Elementary and Jr. High Reading Levels)

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Young Category (Prizes related to High School Reading Levels)

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Paris Pan Takes the Dare (Putnam), grades 4-7, See what School Library Journal’s Diane Chen has to say about it,
The Great Call of China (Speak), ages 12+. An adopted teen journeys to China to find answers to her past…
Writing for Children and Teens: A Crash Course on Amazon.
Proud to be Now!